Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
  1. Preliminary comments on the Racial Discrimination Bill (Chinese only)

  2. Response to the Government's Consultation Paper on Race Discrimination Legislation (11 Dec 2004)

  3. Backgrounder by Human Rights Monitor

  4. Seminar on Anti-Discrimination - "How to combat racial Discrimination in Hong Kong with effective legislation?"   (05/.09/2004)

    1. Nature and Concepts of Race Discrimination Legislation / Paul Harris

    2. What lessons we should learn from other jurisdiction for a proper racial discrimination legislation? (powerpoint) / Patrick Yu

    3. Combatting Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong - Case studies identifying and examining the characteristics and effects of direct and indirect discrimination
      / Vandana Rajwani

    4. Special Measures, Racial Vilification and Race Discrimination: Working for Substantive Equality / Paper by Peter Bailey

    5. Roles of NGOs in facilitating racial equality in HK / CHAN Cheung Ming Alfred Ph.D JP & WONG Hon Yui Eric MSocSc

  5. Other References :

    1. Civil Human Rights Front's statement on Consultation of Racial Discrimination Legislation (chinese only)

    2. Human Rights Monitor publishes Race Discrimination Bill

Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Government
  1. Race Discrimination Bill

  2. 'Joining hands for social harmony with Respect, Affection, Care & Equality - An introduction to the Race Discrimination Bill'

  3. Speech by Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs

  4.  Legislative Council Brief

  5. Consultation Paper

Legislative Council Papers

  1. Race Discrimination Bill. 

  2. Legislative Council Brief

  3.  Information note on "Legislation against Racial Discrimination in Selected Places" [IN10/04-05] (11 December 2004)  

  4. Old papers:

    1. Background brief entitled "Proposed race discrimination legislation" prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat [CB(2)1011/05-06(03)] (10 February 2006)

    2. Paper provided by the Administration on "Proposed race discrimination legislation" [CB(2)1003/05-06(01)] (10 February 2006) 

    3. Paper provided by the Administration on "Public consultation on legislating against racial discrimination" [CB(2)2176/04-05(02)] (8 July 2005)

    4. Background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat on "Legislating against racial discrimination" [CB(2)2176/04-05(03)] (8 July 2005)

    5. Legislative Council Brief ("Public consultation on proposed legislation against racial discrimination") [HAB/CR/1/19/102] (11 December 2004 and 9 November 2004)

    6. Background brief prepared by Legislative Council Secretariat on "Legislating against Racial Discrimination" [CB(2)155/04-05(01)] (11 December 2004 and 9 November 2004)  

Education and Manpower Bureau

  1. EMB attaches importance to providing education support for ethnic minorities

  2. EMB Education for non-Chinese speaking (NCS)students

  3. EMB Education Service for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

  4. EMB Information leaflets on education service for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

  5. EMB support network for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

  6. The Right to Education and Minority Language