Violence hurts ones own cause

Press Release

4 August 2000

The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor condemn the violence by the few right of abode claimants. Such acts were barbaric and irrational. They have hurt many immigration officers, themselves, and all families involved. They have also tarnished the image of other peaceful right of abode claimants and aggravated the prejudice against right of abode claimants and new arrivees from Mainland China. They have ruined all the efforts of many people including their own effort to combat the discrimination against them.

We call upon the authorities to investigate this case thoroughly and bring those responsible to justice. We also want to express our deepest sympathy to those victims of the violence and hope that they would recover as soon as possible.

Human Rights Monitor call on the Hong Kong public to distinguish those who inflicted such violence on other from those right of abode claimants who remain peaceful in spite of all the injustice which has been forced on them. Those peaceful right of abode claimants should not be blamed for what they had not done.

2000 (c) Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor

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