Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor


(Fall 2004 – Fall 2005)

The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor offers internship programme for students and graduates.


Established in April 1995, the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor is an independent, non-partisan organisation rooted in the local community. We aim to promote better human rights protection in Hong Kong, both in terms of law and of practical life, and to encourage greater human rights awareness through education.

The different types of our work include:

Advocacy:         We monitor the law, policies and actions of the authorities and campaign on various issues on human rights and the rule of the law.

Briefing:            We brief the press, the United Nations, Hong Kong and foreign governments and legislature on Hong Kong human rights issues verbally orally or in writing.

Research:         We conduct research on various important topics including the police, prisons, immigration law, constitutional issues, and freedoms of association, assembly and expression, etc.

Education:         We publish human rights materials in Chinese and English (sometimes all and some in Tagalog) including a newsletter, teach yourself human rights booklets, and other human rights materials.

Case Work:         We handle cases referred to us by other NGOs which have strong implications for legal or institutional reforms in certain areas and go beyond the interest of the individual client, especially on police and immigration issues. 

For further information, please visit our web site:  http://www.hkhrm.org.hk 


˙     Applicants should preferably have completed their first year of legal or human rights related education or equivalent;

˙     Applicants must be willing to take up an internship for 10 or more weeks on a full time basis.  Preference will be given to those who will be able to stay longer;

˙     Our interns should not take up any employment or other internship program during the internship period; 

˙     Preference will also be given to those who will be able to contribute to human rights causes of Hong Kong in a longer term; and 

˙     Applicants must be fluent in English and with good research and writing skills. Knowledge of Chinese is an asset though not necessary. 

˙     Applicants who may not satisfy the above criteria but are exceptionally qualified in other ways will also be considered. 


Interns will be trained in: 

˙     the application of international human rights treaties in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong in the United Nations human rights processes;

˙     basic constitutional law in Hong Kong and its interface with the People's Republic of China; 

˙     institutions important to the protection of human rights in Hong Kong

˙     general rule of law and human rights issues in Hong Kong; 

˙     basics of human rights work in Hong Kong with special reference to its political landscape and dynamics; 

˙     the work of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor to understand its operations by way of participatory observation; 

˙     project: e.g. research on a topic on the rule of law or human rights important to Hong Kong.  The topic will be selected by our intern from the list of likely projects and needs to be approved by the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor. 

The training will by way of on the job training and participatory observation, in particular through guidance in the research project.  


Our intern will be required to:

˙     participate in orientation training sessions and study the relevant reading materials on the rule of law and human rights;

˙     complete a project: e.g. to conduct an in-depth research on a topic on the rule of law and human rights important to Hong Kong and to complete the corresponding research paper;

˙     participate in the work of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor as may be reasonably required for participatory observation but such participatory observation could only be available or permissible subject to various reasonable constraints, e.g. an intern may not be allowed to testify in a deputation of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor to a Legislative Council hearing unless the intern is sufficiently knowledgeable to represent Human Rights Monitor on that subject.


See the list of projects for the period
Fall 2004 to Fall 2005.  Please note that although we operate locally and internationally, our mandate and expertise are on Hong Kong issues only, not on those of Mainland China. 


Since the Human Rights Monitor operates on a limited budget, we cannot afford to pay any financial support to our interns.  So we will not be able to provide our interns with any salaries, benefits or allowances.  No accommodation or financial provisions for home leaves will be provided.

We will however try our best to assist our interns to apply for financial assistance from their university and other grant giving bodies if requested.

We will also assist in finding cheap but reasonable accommodation in Hong Kong (most probably on Lamma Island, an area popular among expatriates in Hong Kong, or near the office) on behalf of our interns.


Human Rights Monitor operates in an English and Chinese bilingual environment.  While our education and case work are mainly in Chinese (actually spoken Cantonese), our research are conducted primarily in English. Actually most of the resources on Hong Kong laws and international human rights standards are in English.  Therefore our interns who do not speak Chinese could join our internship without serious problems.

Human Rights Monitor will make available personal computers in the office for the use of interns with Windows 95/98/XP, MS Office XP/97, Internet, fax, anti-virus and other common programs.  All these software programs work well with English data, though some have their interface in Chinese. To increase productivity, our interns are advised to bring their own notebook computer with the software they are familiar.



We accept application for internship round the year. The most recent processing of application will be in December 2004. Applicants should send us

(1). an application letter;

(2). a copy of CV;

(3). a filled application form.

All the related documents in a file (RTF format)

Please inform us in the letter whether you are a Hong Kong Permanent Resident so that we could speed up your visa application if you are not.

These documents should be sent to us by email (preferred), snail mail or fax.  Materials emailed to us should preferably be in RTF or Rich Text Format (to avoid spreading of virus).