Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor


(Fall 2004 to Fall 2005)

All applicants are required to fill in this form to apply to join the internship programme of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor. All information collected would only be used for processing of internship application. In case the applicant has been accepted for the internship programme, such information would be used for visa application and for satisfying labour and immigration requirements, before during and after the internship period. A copy of our privacy statement can be obtained from our web-site or from our executive officer. 

Application Form in RTF format

1. Name of Applicant _________________________________________________

2. Have you read the internship programme outline and the list of projects for interns of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor? [Please delete the inappropriate option]

No (Please read the papers first and fill a new form)

Yes (Continue to fill out the rest of the form)

3. Nationality ______________________________________________________

4. Citizenship [Please delete the inappropriate options]:

Permanent resident of Hong Kong

Unrestricted right to land in Hong Kong

Neither of the above

5. Email _____________________________________________________________

6. Telephone & Pager numbers:

  ___________________________ (mobile);   ________________________ (Pager);

___________________________ (Home);   ________________________ (Office).


7. Fax numbers:

___________________________ (Home);   ________________________ (Office).

8. Postal address




8. Permanent address _____________________________________________________________________


9. Preferred date to start the internship: ______________________________

10. Duration of the intended internship: _______________________________

11. Particular areas of interest (state your experience in the related areas if any)




12. How would your internship be funded? (Sorry that Human Rights Monitor will not be able to provide funding)



13. Will you need our assistance in finding reasonable and affordable accommodation in Hong Kong for you? [Please delete the inappropriate option.]

  Yes.                               No.




Please return this form to us by email (preferred), fax or post, with your CV and application letter:  

Email: CONTACT@HKHRM.ORG.HK      Fax: (852) 2802 6012

Fourth Floor, Kam Tak Building, 20 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.