Established in April 1995, the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor is an independent, non-partisan organisation rooted in the local community. We aim to promote better human rights protection in Hong Kong, both in terms of law and of practical life, and to encourage greater human rights awareness through education.

To advance our education work, we have recently set up the "Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor Education Charitable Trust" and are in the process of setting up a resource and information centre to collect and disseminate basic human rights information.

The most remarkable aspect of our organisation is that except for a few full-time staff, most of our work is carried out by our member-volunteers. Our members are from many different backgrounds and walks of life. What pulled bring us together are the same concerns and vision that is that we all want to do something to safeguard and improve human rights in Hong Kong.

When you visit our web site, we record your visit as a "hit." We do not collect personally identifiable information from you.

This is the only official web site of the Office of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor and you should be aware that information/messages displayed in other web sites related to the Monitor may not represent our standpoints. You are welcome to send us enquiries, contributions and suggestions by e-mail to