Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor

Privacy Policy

The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor is committed to the protection of privacy in relation to personal data, in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. This policy statement covers the general operations of our organization, as well as the data collected on this website.


Types of Personal Data Collected and Their Uses

Membership Records: Personal information and contact details collected from members or membership applications.  They will be used for communication with members / membership applicants or processing of membership applications and other legal requirements (e.g. for notification of the Society Officers if the member has been elected or appointed to be our office bearers or Executive Council members).

Internship Records: Information collected from internship applications.  They will be used for processing of applications and communication with applicants, and may be used, disclosed and transferred to the Immigration Department for visa applications.  They may be provided to property agents or owners for accommodation arrangements if the applicant needs our assistance in finding accommodation.

If an internship application is accepted, whether conditional or otherwise, information collected from an intern will be kept, used, disclosed or transferred to the responsible governmental departments or statutory bodies, for the internship, operation of the organisation, and for fulfilling various legal requirements, including those under labour, taxation, immigration and other laws in Hong Kong, before, during and after the internship. Such information may also be kept, used, disclosed or transferred to any third party in accordance with the instructions of the intern or former intern for preparing evaluations, references or similar materials for the intern.

Personnel Records:  Personal details, job particulars, details of salary, payments, benefits, performance appraisals, disciplinary matters, etc., created by our organization or collected from our employees or job applicants or interns.  They are kept, disclosed and transferred for the operation of the organization, accounting and human resource management purposes, such as business travel, meeting registration and related passes or passages, financial including audit operation and records for internal, external and public reporting or accountability, job applicant processing, appointment to position, termination, payroll, performance appraisal and discipline, and for fulfilling of legal requirements, such as insurance, taxation, minimum wage, Mandatory Provident Fund, etc.

Enquiry or Complaint Case Records:  Information collected when handling human rights related enquiries or complaint cases is handled on a confidential and need to know basis unless a client wants to be dealt with differently, say if s/he wants to have such information released to the press or if such information is publicly available. We would transfer or disclose personal information so collected or compiled or kept to a third party in handling the case or in case referrals, but only with the explicit consent of the subject on such transfer or disclosure.  Such information is kept and used for the purposes of handling or following up the case including follow-up actions, further enquiries or complaints.

Other Records: Administration and operational files, personal data provided from individuals for participating in activities organized by the Monitor, information of providers of goods or services, press contacts, contacts of volunteers, etc.  They are kept for various purposes which vary according to the nature of the record, such as administration of the organisation's functions and activities, procurement of goods and services, communication with press and contacting or organising volunteers, etc.


Data collected in this website

Our website does not collect any personal data from users, except records of page visits collected for generating aggregated statistics.



Enquires / Access to Your Personal Information

If you have any enquiries about our privacy policy, or would like to access or change your personal data held by us, please contact our Administrative Officer, Mr. TO ( email: adm@hkhrm.org.hk, tel: 28114488, or fax: 28026012)

(Updated: 24 Aug 2010)