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Press Statement – for immediate release  

(Hong Kong, 10 March 2005) Tung Chee Hwa has finally announced resignation from his second term of service as the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR.  While rumours were flowing around in the media for 10 days, neither the Central Government nor the HKSAR Government had made any attempt to clarify the situation.  Instead, they only worked to distort the laws to shorten the service term of the next Chief Executive into two years. Such is clearly a violation of the principle of Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong. It remains very suspicious to us that the change of the CE in the middle of his service term is machinated by the Central Government behind the scene.  


The stepping down of Tung Chee Hwa is in line with the will of the Hong Kong people.  However, our pursuit for a fair and just democratic system which will allow equal political participation of the general public is yet to be achieved.


The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor sees Donald Tsang’s succession to the position of chief executive still constrained by the small circle politics. It does not help to eradicate any obstacle for the democratization process. We urge that Hong Kong people must continue to bravely express their views to the next Chief Executive on the constitutional reform.



(香港 2005310) 第二屆行政長官董建華終於公佈辭職下台。中央和特區當局任由傳言在各報章報導十日,並不澄清,只顧曲解法律條文,將下一屆特首任期縮為兩年,明顯干預港人治港,更令人質疑中央背後操控,在特首任內中途換人。