The Report on the Establishment of a Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong conducted by the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor for the preparation of the annual meeting of the Asian Pacific Forum (APF) of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) to be held in late September 2007 and participate in the upcoming Asian NHRIs re-accreditation process according to the Paris Principles. The Forum is for the advancement of the human rights protection mechanism. We are consulting the public on our report to encourage more discussion on this important issue.


The first part of the report is to review the present human rights protection mechanism in Hong Kong. Different ways of mechanisms such as the rule of law and three human rights institution (the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the Ombudsman, and the Office of the Privacy Commission) etc. are reviewed, and it is concluded that the present mechanism is not effective enough to promote and protect human rights in Hong Kong, so it is necessary to establish a Human Rights Commission (HRC).


The second part of the report is the proposal of the functions and powers of the HRC. It also proposes the ways to enhance the effectiveness of the Commission by looking at the various aspects, in particular, the institutional independence and the appointment procedures of commission members.


The final part of the report is to propose our preferred framework of the Commission and the short-term alternatives. 3 different frameworks: the multiple-commission model, the single and integrated commission model and the dual-commission (HRC and EOC) model are evaluated and we concluded that the dual-commission model is our preferred one. Short-term alternatives are then provided to serve as a road map to establish the HRC.


Before finalizing the report we would like to invite your opinions on it. Please send your written recommendations on the report to the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor by 1 September 2007 through any of the following means:


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為準備本年九月底由National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) 舉行的亞太區論壇,香港人權監察準備了一份有關在香港成立人權委員會的報告


報告第一部分檢討了現時香港的保障人權制度。檢討對象包括現時的法治制度及三個法定人權組織 (平等機會委員會、申訴專員公署及私隱專員公署) 等。基於現時的制度並不能有效地宣傳及保障人權,所以我們認為有必要在香港成立人權委員會。








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