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Shao Tianren: Universal suffrage of the entire legislature after 2007 did not require the approval of the central government was taken words out of context (7 Feb 2004)

Policy Address Debate (on Constitutional Development) (6 Feb 2004)

Tai Yiu Ting Benny: the Legal Dispute on HKSAR Consitutional Development (21 January 2004)

Dr Tai explains the whole picture of the recent Legal Dispute on HKSAR Consitutional Development.
full text (chinese only)

Newspaper reports on legal debate on the future development of the political system in Hong Kong (Jan 2004)

Fact sheet on "Newspaper reports on legal debate on the future development of the political system in Hong Kong (1 January 2003 - 14 January 2004)" prepared by the Research and Library Services Division of the LegCo Secretariat
http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr03-04/chinese/sec/library/0304fs11c.pdf  (chinese only)

2007 Policy Seminar (17 January 2004)

RTHK and the University of Hong Kong had co-organized a “2007 Policy Seminar” to discuss (1) consultation procedures and methods of constitutional review; (2) society foundation of constitutional review; and (3) constitutional review proposals.

Listen to archive (Cantonese only)
Read seminar paper (Chinese only)

Seminar on “Constitutional Development and Basic Law”
(16 January 2004)

SynergyNet: “What Next in Constitutional Reform? Enhancing Representation and Ensuring Effective Governance”
(16 January 2004)

Professor Anthony Cheung's paper puts forward concrete recommendations on the election of the Chief Executive and Legislative Council, as well as other aspects of the system of governance.
(for more details, plese refer to "proposal" section)

Paper on Task Force on Constitutional Development (14 Jan 2004)

Chief Secretary: I have just received a reply from the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office saying that they were quite happy to arrange a meeting with us immediately after the Chinese New Year. It will enable us to discuss matters of principles and procedures under the Basic Law concerning our constitutional development. ...

... I have just issued a paper to the Constitutional Affairs Panel of the Legislative Council. It sets out the matters of concern to people at large at this stage. These matters, of course, impinge upon the constitutional development provisions in the Basic Law.

Street Forum on “Constitutional Review: Where Do We Go After Policy Address?”

Date: Sunday, 18 January 2004
Time: 2:30pm to 5:00pm
Venue: Mongkok Pedestrianization (Sai Yeung Choi Street South near Shantung Street)

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HKHRM press release: One Key Stance and Five Guiding Principles for the Constitutional Review Task Force (13 Jan 2004)

"The remarks by Donald Tsang that he drinks Hong Kong water and has Hong Kong blood in his heart have provided us with little comfort. After all, the water he drinks is probably from Mainland China as Hong Kong imports a lot of water from there. The Task Force should instead adopt clear guiding principles in their work that would guard against the betrayal and exclusion of the Hong Kong people in the process."

press release full text

HKHRM press release: Major Setback for Democratization
(7 Jan 2004)

The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor condemns Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa for his lack of action to address the strong demand for universal suffrage expressed so vividly by the huge crowds which took to the streets last July and on New Year’s Day. Tung appears to have purposely shelved the previously announced constitutional review, apparently to wait for instructions from the Central Government. This is a major setback both to Hong Kong’s democratization and to its autonomy. 

press release full text

Chief Executive Policy Address 2004


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