Discussion on Referendum (2004-10, 2004-11)

Government's Response:

Views on the restrictions on Constitution Development imposed by the authorities (2004-10-15)

"It is disgraceful for Hong Kong to perpetuate a system in which a small section of its people are entitled to enjoy the right to vote for Chief Executive directly or indirectly. Equally disgraceful is the system of functional constituency which gives roughly the same people an additional vote or votes to return half of the Members of the Legislative Council."

read the full text of Views on the restrictions on Constitution Development imposed by the authorities

US Congress released Congressional-Executive Commission on China 2004 Annual Report (2004-10-05)

Yash Ghai's comments on current Political Situation

From article Are Democracy and the Market in Conflict?, "To return to Ms Tam. How do know that people are not driven to despair by the nineteenth century economic and political system of Hong Kong? How do you account for the anger of people manifested so dramatically on 1 July last this year and last week in Victoria Park?"

read "Are Democracy and the Market in Conflict" in full details  (2004-06-14)

From article The Promise of Autonomy, "What the Standing Committee’s interpretations and other decisions of the last few days have done is to signal the absence of genuine autonomy and Hong Kong’s total subordination to Central Authorities. This is not how the promise of autonomy was originally understood."

read "The Promise of Autonomy" in full details (2004-05-03)

From article Interpreting the Basic Law is not what it seems,  "The contradiction is that by the giving of power of interpretation to the NPCSC, the Basic Law destroys its capacity to act as the guardian of Hong Kong’s autonomy."

read "Interpreting the Basic Law is not what it seems" in full details (2004-04-26)

The Constitutional Development Task Force released its Third Report (11 May 2004)

HKHRM Statement: Positive contribution to a futile exercise

"Conference on Lessons to Learn: Governing Hong Kong"

Date: 8 May 2004 (Saturday)
Place: Room 301, Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre
            (New Wing) , 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese and Putonghua
(with simultaneous interpretation of Cantonese, Putonghua and English provided)
Registration: Online Registration or [ Download the Enrolment Form ] Deadline on 14 April 2004
Enqiury: Hong Kong Policy Research Institute
Tel : (852) 2686-1166
Conference URL : http://www.hkpri.org.hk/governinghk

NPC rules out universal suffrage for 2007 (26 April 2004)

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has ruled out direct elections for the next Chief Executive in 2007 and lawmakers the year after.

HKHRM statement: Progress at Orwellian Speed (27 April 2004)
HKHRM statement: Universal Suffrage request is betrayed (chinese only)

Conference: Legal Perspectives of Constitutional Review

Date: Saturday 24 April 2004
Venue: Theatre 2, Meng Wah Complex, University of Hong Kong
Organiser: Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

for full details, please refer to "Legal Perspectives of Constitutional Review" web page

Chief Executive submitted a report to NPC Standing Committee and Task Force released its Second Report (15 April 2004)

HKHRM statement: Little Place for Human Rights & Public Opinion in Constitutional Review

NPC adopts interpretations of Hong Kong Basic Law (6 April 2004)

China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC), adopted the interpretations of two clauses in the Annexes of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) as it concluded its five-day 8th meeting in Beijing on Tuesday.

Joint Press Release from HKHRM & FIDH (7 April 2004)
HKHRM Press Release: Interpretation undermined democracy and autonomy
(6 April 2004)

Article related to Functional Constituencies Election

HKHRM 1998 LegCo Election Report: Corporate voting and functional constituencies

2004 US Hong Kong Policy Act Report (2 April 2004)

HKHRM meets the Task Force (31 March 2004)

HKHRM meets the Task Force today to our concerns for the consitutional review.

Does Democratization Spur Social Welfare Spending:
The Case of Hong Kong, China (31 March 2004)

Social Welfare Practice and Research Centre Department of Social Work, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has investigated the relationship between Democratization and Social Welfare Spending.

Government task forces meets officials in Shenzhen
(30 March 2004)

Government task force on political reform has been meeting the deputy head of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Qiao Xiao-yang in Shenzhen. The three-member team - headed by chief secretary Donald Tsang - is submitting a report detailing views it collected on constitutional development. Mr Qiao is expected to meet local delegates to the NPC and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference this afternoon. (from RTHK news)

Pending Basic Law Interpretation (26 March 2004)

Xianhuanet: A signed article by Wang Zhenmin was published on Friday to support interpretations by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, on Annex I and Annex II of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Joint Press Release from HKHRM & FIDH (5 April 2004)
HKHRM's statement: Undermining democracy at all costs by a totalitarian regime

Voter Express website

Article 45 Concern Group set up the above website to promote voter registration.

Seminar: Functional Constituencies -- Public Perception and Influence on Legislation

Date: Saturday, 27 March 2004
Time: 9:30am to 1:00pm
Venue: Council Chamber, HKU (8/F Ming Wah Complex)
read full details

Voter Registration campaign

The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor will launch a voter registration campaign from March to May 2004. There are three ways you may participate:

  1. Join us at our voter registration booth in different communities.
  2. Set up your own voter registration booth in your community.
  3. Distribute voter registration forms and leaflets to your friends and families.
"Voter Registration Campaign" details

Hons James TO's Motion: Respecting and complying with the principles prescribed in the Basic Law (17 Mar 2004)

Polling result
Geographical Constituencies & Election Committee: 15 for YES, 10 for NO, PASSED
Functional Constituencies: 10 for YES, 8 for NO, 6 for ABSTAIN, NEGATIVED
Conclusion: NEGATIVED

Article 45 Web Radio

Starting from 12th March, Audrey Yu, Ronny Tong, Alan Leong, Margaret Ng and other members of Article 45 Concern Group will meet the public thru the Article 45 Web Radio on every Friday 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. (Note: The radio programme will broadcast in chinese.)

Article 45 Web Radio  Click here to reach Article 45 Concern Group's website

HKHRM at US Hearing on “Democracy in Hong Kong” (4 Mar 2004)

Director of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (HKHRM), Mr. LAW Yuk Kai, will testify before the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee at 2:30 pm on Thursday, 4 March 2004 (Washington D.C. time; i.e. 3:30am, Friday, 5 March 2004 Hong Kong time) in the hearing on “Democracy in Hong Kong”.
Listen to the sound clippings

Street Forum on “Politicial Development and Basic Law”
(28 Feb 2004)

Date: Saturday, 28 February 2004
Time: 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Venue: Causeway Bay Pedestrianization
read full details

US Dept. of State's Country Report on Human Rights Practices (Hong Kong Section, 25 February 2004)

UK Government: Six-monthly report to Parliament on Hong Kong (February 2004)

Deng Xiaoping on "one country, two systems"

Constitutional Development Task Force Meeting the Public

Article 45 Concern Group: Opinion No. 2 -- Towards Consensus
(5 February 2004)

The SAR Government raised 5 questions on procedure. What are the Concern Group's answers to them?
download PDF file

Constitutional Development Task Force’s First Visit to Beijing
(8 to 10 February 2004)

Constitutional Development Task Force’s Schedule at Beijing (8 to 10 February 2004)
8 Feb 2004
Arrive Beijing
9 Feb 2004 9am
Meeting with the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (led by Mr. Xu Ze)
9 Feb 2004 afternoon Meeting with the legal experts
10 Feb 2004
Meeting with the members of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (including Mr. Li Fei)

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