HKHRM at US Hearing on “Democracy in Hong Kong”

Director of the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor (HKHRM), Mr. LAW Yuk Kai, will testify before the United States Senate Foreign Affairs Committee at 2:30 pm on Thursday, 4 March 2004 (Washington D.C. time; i.e. 3:30am, Friday, 5 March 2004 Hong Kong time) in the hearing on “Democracy in Hong Kong”.

The hearing will be web-broadcasted live (click "Dirksen 419" at the right hand side of the webpage, SD-419: Foreign Relations), The HKHRM will release its submission to the Committee at 3:30am Friday, at the same time while Mr. Law is testifying in the US.

HKHRM submission to US Senate (pdf file)

Hearing clips: (MP3 format)

  1. Mr Martin Lee's Speech
  2. Mr James To's Speech
  3. Mr Lee Cheuk Yan's Speech
  4. Mr Law Yuk Kai's Speech
  5. Q & A Session
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  1. Mr Stephen Lam, Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, "We consider that it is inappropriate for Members of the Hong Kong legislature to join (the hearing of) a foreign legislature to discuss Hong Kong's constitutional development." (3rd March 2004)
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